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Unique Facts Qatar, the Richest Muslim Country in the World

Unique Facts Qatar, the Richest Muslim Country in the World - Qatar is an emirate country in the Middle East located on a small peninsula in the Arabian Peninsula in West Asia. Qatar is the richest Muslim country in the world with a population of about 1.7 million. Even Qatar is in the number 1 position with a per capita income of 129,726 USD or equivalent to IDR 1.7 billion. This data was published by the World Bank at the end of 2017.

A depiction of the wealth of Qatar, seen from various locations and its phenomenal magnificent buildings such as The Pearl of Qatar, the State Grand Mosque and the Museum of Islamic Art. Here are other facts about Qatar that you can envy!

1. The Safest Country in the World

In terms of geography, Qatar is the safest country in the world. According to scientists, the risk of an earthquake in Qatar is only 0.1%. Relatively stable natural conditions make it the safest country in the world.

2. Cheap Fuel

The price of Balar Oil in Qatar is very cheap. Even the price of two cups of coffee at Starbuck is more than the cost of filling up your car's tank.

3. It used to be a pearl producer

Before Qatar discovered natural gas and oil, many Qatari people made livelihoods as pearl-seeking divers. Now, there is an artificial island shaped like a string of pearls called The Pearl. The island is built on a site that was once a famous spot for pearl hunting.

4. Easy to Find a Job

In Qatar, finding work is very easy. Especially for the native people there. Once there are students graduating there, the company will come to them. Even one person can get more than 5 companies at once.

5. Income Tax Free

In Qatar there is no such thing as an income tax. As a result, the workers really prospered there. The reason why Qatar does not set a tax system itself may be because this country is so immersed.

6. Big salary, lots of leave

The salary in Qatar is very tempting. For jobs at lower levels such as household members, the wages can even be up to twice that of other countries.

Another tantalizing thing is about time off. Regular staff will get up to 24 days of leave. That does not include the holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Even during Ramadan, workers usually only work half a day.

7. Easy for Umrah and Hajj

Living in Qatar will be easy for Umrah and Hajj. This is because Saudi Arabia and Qatar are close. The cost from Qatar to Saudi Arabia is very affordable, including the cost of Hajj and Umrah. You can even go straight to the first year of registration.

Countries with the Best Natural Beauty

Countries with the Best Natural Beauty - The following is an article that lists the countries with the best natural beauty that you must visit.

Indeed, countries in the world certainly have a variety of tourist attractions that have their respective advantages. However, there are several countries that are known for the beauty of their amazing tourist destinations. Therefore, here are some countries in the world that are known for their beautiful tourist destinations, including the following:

1. Scotland

The first country to hold the title of most beautiful in the world is Scotland. Yes, the country in the European continent which is included in the constituency of the United Kingdom has a variety of natural and cultural beauties that are quite interesting for tourists to visit.

What's interesting about this Scotland is that there is a history of "Vikings", namely the original people of Scotland who wore traditional war clothes from the country.

In addition, Scotland is also famous for several tourist attractions such as the Isle Of Skye which is a beautiful island from Scotland, Edinburgh an old city from Scotland to Loch Ness which is the largest lake in Scotland.

2. Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. This country is directly adjacent to the northern tip of the land of Uncle Sam. Canada has been named as one of the countries that has the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world because in Canada there are many tourist attractions that are worth visiting for tourists.

Some of the tourist attractions in Canada that should be visited by tourists are Niagara Falls which is the largest waterfall in the world, Butcharts Garden which is the largest flower garden in Kanda, to Banff National Park which is a national park and is surrounded by cold lakes and icebergs.

3. New Zealand

Even though it was "shaken" the case of the massacre of the Muslim community did not affect New Zealand as a country that has the most beautiful tourist destinations in the European continent or the world. Because, in New Zealand, there are several mainstay tourist attractions that can attract tourists.

Some of the mainstay tourist attractions from New Zealand are the Hobbit Movie Set which is the shooting location for the famous film Lord Of The Rings, Pakiri Beach which is a mainstay beach tour from New Zealand to Rainbow Springs National Park which is a national park suitable for children who want interact with animals.

4. Italy

Italy is included in one of the most beautiful countries in the European Continent and the world hereafter. Yes, those who are known for their culinary delights, namely Pizza and Spaghetti, do have a variety of the most popular tourist attractions and are visited by many foreign tourists.

One of the famous tourist destinations from the Land of Pizza and Spaghetti is the Tower of Pisa, which has a slope of about 30-45 degrees, the Colloseum which is a silent witness to the battle arena in the era of the Italian empire to the city of Milan which is the center of world fashion and fashion.

Countries with the Highest Plastic Surgery Rates

Countries with the Highest Plastic Surgery Rates - Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, here are some articles that discuss countries with the highest plastic surgery rates in the world.

1. United States

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 4,217,862

The United States is the top country with more than 4 million plastic surgery procedures performed in 2017. The United States is also the top country performing breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation procedures.

2. Brazil

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 2,524,115

Brazil is the second top country for plastic surgery in the world. Brazil is the first country for body and limb procedures. The statistics for 2017 for this country appear to be the same as for the previous year.

3. Japan

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 1,137,976

Japan ranks third on the list of best countries for plastic surgery. More than one million procedures were performed in 2017. Japan accounts for 4.8% of the world's cosmetic procedures.

4. Italy

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 957,814

Just a little more than in Mexico and just under a million cosmetic procedures performed in Italy last year. Italy accounts for 4.1% of the world's cosmetic procedures.

5. Mexico

The number of cosmetic procedures performed: 923,243

Mexico is slightly ahead of Russia when it comes to the number of cosmetic procedures performed in 2017. Slightly less than a million plastic surgeries were performed last year in Mexico, which accounts for 3.9% of the total number of cosmetic procedures in the world.

6. Russia

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 896,629

Many men think Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, but nearly 900 thousand cosmetic procedures (3.9% of world plastic surgery) were performed in Russia during 2017. This ranks 6th Russia in the list of top plastic surgery countries in world.

7. India

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 878,180

According to a report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, significantly more than 800,000 plastic surgeries were performed in India during 2017.

8. Turkey

Number of cosmetic procedures performed: 789,564

Turkey was ranked 8th in the list of top 10 plastic surgery countries in 2018. The country accounts for 3.3% of the world's cosmetic procedures. Just last year, 789,564 plastic surgeries were performed in Turkey.

List of Countries with the Most Debt in the World

List of Countries with the Most Debt in the World - Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, here is a list of countries with the most debt in the world.

In 2020, the world is faced with a very troubling case for everyone, namely Covid-19.

Covid-19 brings a lot of harm to humans. Like the many patients who tested positive for Covid-19, one by one began to fall. Until now, thousands of victims have died.

Not only that, the people's economy has also weakened. Many underprivileged people have died due to hunger because they cannot work during this pandemic.

There are also many companies whose income has decreased so that they are forced to lay off their employees.

In addition, the state also has a very large amount of debt.

Quoted from PortalJember.com based on two reports from the International Monteray Fund: World Economic Outlook Database and United Nations: National Accounts Main Aggregates Database.

One aspect of the calculation is based on the ratio of the country's debt to the value of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Then the results are used as a rating source from the largest to the smallest percentage of debt.

Which are the countries with the most debt in the world in 2020? Here's the full review!

1. United States (US $ 19.23 Trillion)

When viewed from the nominal debt, the United States is the country with the most debt in the world today.
However, the debt value of US $ 19.23 trillion from this country as a percentage “only” covers around 106.70% of its GDP value.

2. Japan (US $ 9.087 Trillion)

Japan is the country with the most debt in the world at number one with a debt percentage of 234.18% of the country's total GDP.

Most of the debt came after the Japanese stock market collapsed some time ago.

The government also poured large funds to save banking and insurance companies with low interest rates.

3. Italy (US $ 2.48 Trillion)

The global economic crisis in 2008 also had a negative impact on Italy which has had an impact until now.

As a result, Italy's debt soared to more than 2.48 trillion US dollars with a percentage of 133.43% of its GDP.

4.Spain (US $ 1.24 Trillion)

Based on the Livetradingnews page when compared to 2018, the value of Spanish debt has actually decreased quite significantly.

Unfortunately, nominally this country's debt is still included in the 10 countries with the most debt in the world.

5. Belgium (US $ 456.18 Billion)

The country of Belgium has quite a lot of total debt, amounting to US $ 456.18 billion or around 99.57% of the country's total GDP.

Even though Belgium is currently in the top 20 richest countries in the world, it also has a fantastic debt value.

The Safest Countries in the World

The Safest Countries in the World - After going through several stages of the screening process, we are finally able to enhance the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources about the safest countries in the world.

The Institute for Economic and Peace (IEP) releases a ranking of countries in the world that are among the top five safest countries in the world. These countries are classified as the safest countries in the world based on their low crime rate, political stability, and high public awareness of immigrants.

1. Iceland

This nordic country has been at the top of the list of safest countries in the Global Peace Index since 2011. Iceland has succeeded in occupying the safest country in the world in terms of various aspects of its life.

Iceland has a low crime rate. There are hardly any police in this country who carry weapons. Icelanders are also known for their strong values ​​of tolerance and gender equality.

Its position as the safest country in the world is also supported by data displayed by the Travel Risk Map. Another unique fact is that you can drink water straight from the tap, because in this country there is no pollution. You don't need to worry when you enjoy the beautiful northern lights in Iceland.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is what Indonesians call this New Zealand country. Reportedly, New Zealand has held the second position since 2017. Over the past ten years, this country has always been in the top four in the Global Peace Index.

Similar to Iceland, New Zealand is also one of the countries where there are hardly any police carrying weapons. In addition, the people of this kiwi country are known to be friendly to immigrants.

New Zealand is known as the second largest wool-producing country in the world after Australia. In addition, it turns out that the most beautiful water in the world is in the blue lake of New Zealand, precisely in Nelson Lakes National Park.

So, for those of you who want to vacation abroad, you can make New Zealand a destination, here.

3. Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest countries on the European continent. Portugal managed to move up one rank and was recorded to be in third position in 2020. Judging from the political stability and the low threat of terrorism, discrimination, harassment and disasters are other factors that take into consideration that Portugal deserves to be categorized as a safe country in general.

You can make this country a vacation destination because the longest bridge in Europe is in Portugal, namely the Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon. Another fact you should know is that walking too fast in Portugal is considered impolite.

So for those of you who want to go to this one country, you have to pay attention to your procedures, huh. Do not let it happen because you are walking too fast, you will be considered impolite.

4. Austria

Austria is a country flanked by European countries with a relatively high level of security. Of course, this yielded the same benefits for Austria.

This country is generally also safe for female solo travelers to visit. The Travel Risk Map also labels Austria as a country with a low risk of crime. You don't need to worry, if you go out at night in this country.

5. Denmark

Denmark was ranked second for five consecutive years, from 2011 to 2016. The country then fell to fifth place in 2017. As of now, Denmark holds the fifth position for the world's most peaceful country.

Denmark is known as a safe country to visit with a low crime rate, stable politics, and high human rights enforcement.

Unique Facts Qatar, the Richest Muslim Country in the World

Unique Facts Qatar, the Richest Muslim Country in the World - Qatar is an emirate country in the Middle East located on a small peninsula in...