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Countries with the Best Natural Beauty

Countries with the Best Natural Beauty - The following is an article that lists the countries with the best natural beauty that you must visit.

Indeed, countries in the world certainly have a variety of tourist attractions that have their respective advantages. However, there are several countries that are known for the beauty of their amazing tourist destinations. Therefore, here are some countries in the world that are known for their beautiful tourist destinations, including the following:

1. Scotland

The first country to hold the title of most beautiful in the world is Scotland. Yes, the country in the European continent which is included in the constituency of the United Kingdom has a variety of natural and cultural beauties that are quite interesting for tourists to visit.

What's interesting about this Scotland is that there is a history of "Vikings", namely the original people of Scotland who wore traditional war clothes from the country.

In addition, Scotland is also famous for several tourist attractions such as the Isle Of Skye which is a beautiful island from Scotland, Edinburgh an old city from Scotland to Loch Ness which is the largest lake in Scotland.

2. Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. This country is directly adjacent to the northern tip of the land of Uncle Sam. Canada has been named as one of the countries that has the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world because in Canada there are many tourist attractions that are worth visiting for tourists.

Some of the tourist attractions in Canada that should be visited by tourists are Niagara Falls which is the largest waterfall in the world, Butcharts Garden which is the largest flower garden in Kanda, to Banff National Park which is a national park and is surrounded by cold lakes and icebergs.

3. New Zealand

Even though it was "shaken" the case of the massacre of the Muslim community did not affect New Zealand as a country that has the most beautiful tourist destinations in the European continent or the world. Because, in New Zealand, there are several mainstay tourist attractions that can attract tourists.

Some of the mainstay tourist attractions from New Zealand are the Hobbit Movie Set which is the shooting location for the famous film Lord Of The Rings, Pakiri Beach which is a mainstay beach tour from New Zealand to Rainbow Springs National Park which is a national park suitable for children who want interact with animals.

4. Italy

Italy is included in one of the most beautiful countries in the European Continent and the world hereafter. Yes, those who are known for their culinary delights, namely Pizza and Spaghetti, do have a variety of the most popular tourist attractions and are visited by many foreign tourists.

One of the famous tourist destinations from the Land of Pizza and Spaghetti is the Tower of Pisa, which has a slope of about 30-45 degrees, the Colloseum which is a silent witness to the battle arena in the era of the Italian empire to the city of Milan which is the center of world fashion and fashion.

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